With extensive experience in nonprofit entrepreneurship and leadership, Rosi Bustamante is a bilingual and bicultural Latina professional specializing in fundraising, startups and organizational development. Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, she fell in love with volunteerism as a strategy to create effective change, and then chose to focus on the non-profit sector during college for the power of its impact and its value on transparency. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in nonprofit management, she concentrated on K-12 environmental education and land conservation. In 2001, Rosi formed Terra Peninsular, the first land trust in Baja California, Mexico. She led a team of dedicated volunteer conservationists from both sides of the border and successfully raised funds from donors in the U.S. Today, Terra Peninsular is the most effective land trust in the region.
Rosi’s experience in creating an organization from the ground up — complete with funding support, a core team of volunteers, and a small, effective staff — has given her the professional profile of leading innovative change where it is most needed. In 2006, she shifted her focus to fundraising and board development. Rosi joined the Multicultural Alliance and the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Golden Gate Chapter board, where she served among the Bay Area’s top fundraising gurus for three years. This led to the formation of robuco, Rosi’s independent consulting practice, which specializes in fundraising for small organizations and Latino groups, as well as board development. Other services provided are online fundraising, grant writing, and developing donor programs for individuals and major gifts.
Rosi’s recent passion revolves around increasing Latino nonprofit leadership. She is developing models to recruit Latinos and prepare them to serve on boards of directors, including incorporating mentorship opportunities both for board members and staff.
Rosi likes to create initiatives from the ground up, building the power of individuals and groups. She thrives on collaborating with others to define needs, develop innovative solutions, and transform our future.